Nonprofit Consultant

I’m not currently looking for clients. But if you stumbled here and need a hand with your non-profit, I can probably help you find someone excellent. Just ask.

I’m passionate about helping good nonprofits become great by helping them focus on what matters: their mission. I can facilitate strategic planning sessions, access and reform your corporate governance, overhaul moribund committee structures and provide general advice on how to run your nonprofit more efficiently and effectively.

I’ve helped nonprofits obtain 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, guided charitable organizations through state solicitation registration requirements in all 50 states, and helped nonprofits obtain state tax exempt status. I’ve also advised business leagues on obtaining 501(c)(6) tax exempt status and fraternities on 501(c)(7) status. Additionally, I’ve advised nonprofits on how to engage in political activities without violating prohibitions on campaigning or limits on lobbying.

I currently serve on the the following nonprofit boards:

Pen and Pencil Club – Treasurer.

I previously served on these non-profits:

Young Involved Philadelphia – I was YIP’s Vice President, Treasurer, Board Prep Chair, Secretary and Blog Editor. At YIP, I overhauled our committee structure to unleash our volunteers’ energy and potential, reformed our bookkeeping procedures, revised the YIP bylaws, and helped develop ongoing event series and programs, including our popular Get Involved Happy Hour series. Along with a few others, I write YIP’s newsletters and handle media requests.

The Edcamp Foundation – At Edcamp, I revised bylaws and improved procedures for maintaining state registrations.

University of Pennsylvania Rugby Alumni – I was the Co-Chair and Founder.

I’m a graduate of the Young Involved Philadelphia Board Prep Program and I studied Nonprofit Corporate Governance at Georgetown Law.


email: jim at jimsaksa dot com

phone: 732.330.3043



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